11 Pictures of People Who are So Photogenic it is Unbelievable

We all know the number of selfies we reject before accepting the one which seems remotely beautiful. However there are people who may be in the most awkward place and not even posing but look extremely beautiful on camera. Following are a few such individuals who manage to look good even in the most unlikely conditions.

1. Photogenic baby


This picture is taken just minutes after being born and one can see this baby is destined to be some super model. It is hard to imagine he was inside the womb a few minutes earlier and now looking so photogenic. Infact we think it is safe to assume the baby is voluntarily posing for the cameras.

2. Smiling even in the face of imminent disaster


She is smiling beautifully and maintained her focus long enough to get a perfect click before the disaster struck. We bet she would not be smiling after the impact or maybe she maintains her cheery attitude.

3. Some people manage to smile beautifully even when shot


These people know how to make lemonade when life gives them lemons. Or maybe it is just the shock of the impact as the pain has not really registered yet. Whatever the case maybe this girl is braving her wound with a beautiful smile.

4. Karate Kid seemed to have taken up modeling


This guy is getting thrown to the floor in a most spectacular fashion yet he is still looking fabulous for the cameras. Maybe he should play poker since he is so good keeping a straight face even while losing so hard.

5. As though it’s a walk in the park


This girl just cleared the fire obstacle as can be seen behind her yet she is sporting a beautiful smile on her face and focusing on cameras. Maybe it is the relief of clearing that obstacle or quite simply the adrenaline making her smile off obvious danger.

6. And again…


These ladies are either some daredevils or they have learned a way to tame the fire to their will. It is quite mind boggling how they have managed to smile while crossing such obstacle as the competitor in the background can be seen struggling. Then again these photos are of humans with super powers which make them smile in the face of danger.

7. This guy has learned to smile even under intense cardio session


This marathon runner has to be a fake because no one could smile in that manner while running out of breath. The struggle of jogging a few kilometers and gasping for air hardly suggests such reactions. There is a theory that he might have joined the marathon after sometime otherwise it is hard to imagine anyone could look so good while working out such intensive cardio.

8. I would jump in right after this click


Well the chief would not be pleased with his subordinate looking good for the cameras while he was busy with an altercation with a suspect. Although we believe this guy should get some other job like modeling instead of being in the force.

9. Long lost friends reunited


The police and the protesters are all looking like friends on some fun outdoor activity. The smiles are simply amazing and looking good so effortlessly.

10. Fan and celebrity both looking good

This is one of those rare occasions where a fan and celebrity both look good.

11. Love at first sight?


Maybe this is what romantic relationships look like.

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